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User-managed computers

User-Managed Desktop or Laptop


As the name implies, user-managed systems are maintained by the owner of the computer.  You will be given the "root" username and password for the system. Any additional software installations or configurations must be done by the owner of the computer, AITS provides limited support.

  • Usually new computers are delivered as is, with the OS originally purchased. If the computer needs to be rebuilt, the latest AITS User Managed Windows images is installed.
  • The owner is responsible for creating new local accounts as needed.
  • The owner of the desktop is responsible for updating the anti-virus software.
  • The owner of the desktop is responsible for patching the operating system.
  • The owner is responsible to ensure only legally obtained software is installed.


To request for software to be installed on your User-managed machine, please fill up Software Installation Request Form
(Note: Available software depends on chosen Operation System version).


Please follow the Document below to map a network drive in Windows from within Concordia.

To map a drive from outside of Concordia University, you must first connect to the VPN service. Follow the instructions found on the Concordia IITS web page Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Important: To connect to the VPN service you must use your Concordia Netname and Password. Then to map an ENCS network drive you need to use your ENCS Username and Password.

Once you've connected to the VPN service, you can map your network drive by following the Document below