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Software for Windows in the Public Labs

This software list is valid during the Fall 2017 semester. Software listed with a room number is available only where indicated, all other software is available on all ENCS managed Windows7 64bit desktops.


Acrobat_Pro_DC  EV009-241, EV009-245
Adobe Flash Player  
Adobe Reader XI (11.0.19)  
Adobe Shockwave Player  
AGI32_16_7_PTBPE_193 H0821-00
Alertus Desktop Alert  
Android Studio  
Ansys18_1 H0815-00, H0819-00, H0821-00, H0921-00, H1067-00, EV008-101, EV008-165, EV009-139, EV009-245, EV012.161
ArcGIS_10_5 H0817-00, H0907-00
arduino-1.6.8 H0815-00, H0821-00, H0831-00, H0849-00, H0917-00, H0929-00, H0967-00
Arena_v15 H0811-00, H0967-00, EV008-169, EV009-241
ArgoUML 0.34 0.34  
Athena_v5.2 H0807-00,, H0845-00
Audacity 2.0.2 2.0.2  
AxIDE 3.8.500  
CarSIM H0825-00
Catia H0067-00
Catia_v5-6R2016 H0024-00, H0815-00, H0827-00, H0854-00, H1067-00, EV008-101, EV008-165, EV009-139, EV009-245, EV012.161
CDBurner XP  
Cisco Packet Tracer H0843-00
Civil3D_V2017SP1 H0817-00, H0907-00
CLIPS 1.0.0  
Cmap6_7_0_Pro H0823-00, H0903-00, H0929-00
CodeLite 10.0.6  
Comsol_v4_2 H0843-00, H0915-00
CPLEX_Studio_127 H0815-00, H0843-00, H0854-00
cppunit v.1.12.1  
Crimson Editor SVN286 SVN286  
CSI_ETABS_V2016 H0811-00, H0815-00, H0817-00, H0819-00, H0823-00, H0847-00, H0849-00, EV008-143
CSI_SAFE_V2014 H0817-00, H0849-00
CSI_SAP2000_V1730 H0817-00, H0819-00, H0823-00, H0849-00, EV008-143
CST_Studio_Suite_v2014 H0817-00, H0921-00
Cyclepad_V2 H0841-00
DOS Box H0813-00
Doxygen_v1.8.11 H0811-00, H0817-00, H0831-00, H0843-00, H0903-00, H0907-00, H0917-00, H0929-00, H0967-00
Dpipe_v2_02_9 H0807-00(pople porter powell pregl pire polanyi purcell quidde)
Ductsize_6_01_285 H0807-00,
EASy68K_v5_15_03 H0813-00
EQuestV3_65 H0819-00, H0821-00
Factory_V2017 H0854-00, EV008-169, EV009-241
Feko v.7 H0921-00
Feko v.2017.2 H0921-00
glfw321 H0811-00, H0817-00, H0917-00
glm0984 H0811-00, H0817-00, H0917-00
glut37 H0811-00, H0817-00, H0917-00
Google Chrome 60.0.3112.90  
Google Earth  
GPS_X602 H0854-00, EV009-143
GSview and Aladdin Ghostscript  
HAP_5.10 H0807-00,
Hot3000 H0811-00, H0815-00, H0823-00, H0847-00, EV008-101, EV008-187, EV009-139, EV009-245
H-Sym_V2_01_22 H0807-00(pire polanyi purcell quidde ramsay reines renault reymont)
Hvac3_2 H0807-00(richet richter ramsay reines renault reymont)
IBM Rational Method Composer 7.5  
IBM Rational Rose Enterprise Edition  
IBM Rational Rose RealTime  
IES_VE2016 H0807-00,
IHSDM H0817-00, H0907-00
IrfanView 4.32  
Java 8  
Java Media Framework 2.1.1e  
JES 5.0.20  
KiCad_v4.0.5 H0823-00, H0843-00, H0847-00
KompoZer 0.7.10  
Labview_2009 H0854-00
Laminator v.3.7 H0813-00, H0815-00
LAME v3.99.3  
LEDA 6.3  
LEd Beta 0.53  
Lindo6 H0819-00, EV008-169, EV009-143
LINGO_v16 H0825-00, EV008-169, EV009-143
LispWorks_6_0_1 H0929-00, H0967-00
Logiscope_2012 H0843-00, H0903-00, H0907-00, H0917-00, H0967-00, EV008-187
LUENE_V_6_6_0 H0843-00
MathCAD 15 M045 H0821-00, EV009-143
MathCAD_Prime_4 H0821-00, EV009-143
Matrix_Analysis_v2 H0819-00, H0823-00
McCabeIQ_v8.5 H0843-00, H0847-00, H0903-00, H0907-00, H0917-00, H0967-00
Microsoft DirectX SDK  
Microsoft Office Professional Plus  
Microsoft Project Professional 2013  
Microsoft Visio Professional  
Microsoft Visual Studio Ultimate 2013  
MiKTeX 2.9 2.9  
Minitab_v18 H0815-00, H0817-00, EV009-143
ModelMaker_v4 H0819-00, H0821-00
MotorSolve_v4.11 H0921-00, EV009-241, EV009-245
Mozilla Firefox 55.0  
Mozilla Thunderbird  
Naviswork_V2017 H0819-00, H0823-00, H0921-00
Netbeans v8.2  
Notepad++ 6.9.2  
Nvu 1.0PR 1.0PR  
OpenChoice TekVISA  
Opencim H0827-00
OptiSystem11 H0915-00
Orcad_Pspice16_6 H0855-00, H0915-00
Pelles C for Windows 8.00  
Perform-3D_v501  EV008-143
Phidget H1065-00
ProQuest For Word 4.4.1298  
PSIM_v11 H0815-00, H0825-00, H0827-00, H0921-00
Psychart_v2_01_61 H0807-00(pire polanyi purcell quidde)
Python 3.6.2  
Qualnet H0825-00, H0837-00, H0921-00
QuickTime 7  
RealPlayer 15.0.6  
Revit_V2017SP1 H0024-00, H0067-00, H0807-00, H0811-00, H0815-00, H0817-00, H0819-00, H0819-00, H0823-00, H0823-00, H0831-00, H0847-00, H0849-00, H0903-00, H0907-00, H0917-00, H0921-00, H0929-00, H0967-00, H1040-00, H1065-00, H1067-00, EV008-101, EV008-165, EV008-169, EV008-187, EV009-139, EV009-241, EV009-245, EV012.161
Rocscience_v2017 H0835-00
SAFI__9_0_9 H0819-00, H0823-00, H0837-00, H0841-00
SolidWorks_2016_SP3 H0024-00, H0067-00, H0831-00, H0835-00, H0903-00, H0907-00, H0929-00, H0967-00, H1040-00, H1065-00, H1067-00, EV009-241, EV012.161
Sophos Anti-Virus  
spBeam_v5.0 H0817-00, H0849-00
spColumn_v5.11 H0817-00, H0849-00
spFrame_v1.5 H0817-00, H0849-00
SPipe_v2_0_58 H0807-00(pople porter powell pregl pire polanyi)
spMats_v8.12 H0817-00, H0849-00
spSlab_v5.0 H0817-00, H0849-00
spWall_v5.01 H0817-00, H0849-00
SuperDecision H0835-00
SWI-Prolog (remove only)  
Tektronix Logic Analyzer v5.7.46 v5.7.46  
TeXnicCenter Version 1.0  
Tortoise SVN  
Trane Pipe Designer v.4.1.0 H0807-00
TraversePC_R9 H0967-00
TrueCrypt 7.1a  
Unity_v5.6.2 H0811-00, H0831-00
Vissim_v9.00.10 H0817-00, H0967-00
Visual_MODFLOW_v2009_1 H0819-00, H0821-00
Visum_v16.01.11 H0817-00, H0967-00
VLC media player 2.2.4  
Weka v.3.8.0 H0903-00
Windows Phone 8.1 SDK - Desktop 8.1.12358  
Windows SDK IntellisenseNFX 7.1.30514  
Windows Software Development Kit DirectX x86  
WinGrab 1.50.09  
WinMerge 2.14.0  
WinSCP 5.7.4  
Wireshark_v1.12.7 H0825-00, H0843-00, H0847-00, H0849-00
WoodWorks9_SR3b H0819-00, H0823-00
WorkingModel H0024-00, H0811-00, H0825-00, H0929-00, H1040-00, H1065-00, H1067-00, EV008-101, EV008-165, EV009-139, EV012.161
WUFIplus_2.5.1 H0811-00, H0815-00, H0819-00, H0823-00, H0847-00, EV008-187
WUFI_Pro_v5_3 H0811-00, H0815-00, H0819-00, H0823-00, H0847-00, EV008-187
wxChecksums 1.2.0  


You will need a X server (Xming is such one) for graphical display application on Windows

You also need a Secure shell (SSH client or Putty) to remote acess ENCS server

1. Start Xming

Go to Start -> Programs ->Xming -> Xming


2. Start Secure Shell Client

In this case, an example of SSH Client is given

a. Set Tunnel X11 connections

In the menu: Edit -> Settings
Under Profile Settings -> Connection -> Tunneling: check Tunnel X11 connections. Click OK.

b. Connect to our ENCS server

Click Quick Connect. Enter Host name as ''. Enter your ENCS username, then password.

c. SSh to one of our Linux servers (for example: honesty.encs.concordia) with -X option to enable X11 forwarding


d. Once log in, in the command, enter fluent

Remotely connecting to your user-managed desktop requires a client-server interface, usng either Remote Desktop or VNC. Note that the requirements is to have an ENCS user-managed machine and Windows 2000/XP or Linux on your client (home) machine. Windows Remote Desktop works best with Windows XP Service Pack 2 although Service Pack 1 or lower will work. If you don't have Service Pack 2 please read in the Remote Desktop section carefully.

The machine you wish to connect to will need to run either a Remote Desktop or a VNC server and you may need to install a Remote Desktop or VNC client on the client (home) machine you will be working on (i.e. the one you will be using to connect to your ENCS user-managed machine). Some of the available software options are to use RealVNC, Remote Desktop (Windows only) and/or TightVNC. Note that Remote Desktop comes with Windows XP.

The procedures is to establish an SSH Tunnel and connect the client (home) machine to your user-managed machine.

Instruction for using Remote Desktop - Windows only application.
Instruction for using Real VNC - Windows and Linux client/server application.

Some urls for pdf file have problem being opened in browser.  This problem happens when you have a later version of Adobe Reader co-existing with an older version of Adobe Acrobat Professional. In the case of Adobe Reader 9 and Adobe Acrobat 7.0 Professional, when clicking a web link to a PDF file, an error message pops up.
"The file is damaged and could not be repaired."

There are certain ways to tackle the situation; the easiest way regardless what web browser you are using is in the following document

- Open Firefox. On the menu bar->Bookmarks->Organize Bookmarks
- In the pop up windows->Import and Backup->Import HTML->Import Bookmarks from: Microsoft Internet Explorer->Next->OK
- Open Firefox, the new bookmark will be in Bookmarks->From Internet Explorer

Only the authorized users (faculty & staff) have access to Windows terminal services avialble at ts1.encs.

Please follow the instructions given in the document below.