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Plotting service supporting Capstone project


There will be two Capstone events by the end of March 2017, which are Capstone Poster Session and Capstone Project Defence. They both need plotting service.

Rules on plotting during Capstone demo week

  • 10 pages is the maximum number of plotting for each student without the authorization from the prof. Any request of more than 10 pages plotting can only be approved by full-time employee who will assess the request with the supervisor of the student.
  • A team is restricted to having only two active pending reservations during these two weeks. The maximum time slot allocation is 40 minutes for each reservation. This gives sufficient time to send four jobs (such as ArchDs, ArchEs) to a designated plotter. Any plotting not for either of these two Capstone events should be printed after Capstone plotting period.
  • Walk-ins are permitted, when there are available time slots on a plotter

Researvation calendar


Due to the large demands on plotting during the Capstone demo week(usually at the end of March),  AITS plotting service would be offered primarily upon reservation.  Please refer to the Related Document below for detailed information.