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Networking for virtual machines (NAG)

ENCS network group (NAG) recognizes the growing need to run virtual machines (VMs) on researcher's computers for their research needs on multiple operating systems and cloud computing. Generally, the preferred way to run VMs on researchers' equipment is behind NAT of the host operating system. In case the VMs need to be first-class citizens on the researchern's network along with other computers, NAG have a policy to assign both virtual MAC and IP addresses. The researchers the statically configure the MAC address on their VM configuration. Running a lot of VMs on a researcher's subnet this way may result in exhausting of the available IP address space, in that case the researcher would be requested to move to a larger private subnet, on a case-by-case basis. Some VM vendors have pre-set OUI of their MAC addresses (e.g., VMWare and Xen) and some don't, for which we use "locally administered" MAC addresses. This done to ensure uniqueness of the MAC addresses on our network to avoid network conflicts. If the researchers require the VMs with such a setup, the supervising professor or an authority of similar capacity or a designated lab admin should open a ticket with the Service Desk (servicedesk AT requesting to connect a VM.