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Lab reservation

ENCS Computer Lab Reservation

ENCS computer labs are located in the Hall and the EV building. Users require a valid ENCS account to access the computers and to receive the lab door codes. The labs in the EV building are research labs (i.e. non-teaching labs), restricted to graduate students and research visitors. Lab reservations can ONLY be requested by faculty and staff.

For lab availability, please consult the lab index page.

For reservations in the Hall building, there are two categories.

Full-Term Reservations

  • These reservations are done at the departmental/registrar level, please consult the person responsible for your department:
    Department Title Contact
    BCEE Lab Coordinator office: EV6.235
    email: Tiberiu Aldea
    phone: 7815
    CIISE DA office: EV7.643 
    email: Kim Adams
    phone: 3180
    ECE Design Project Specialist office: H851-2
    email: Dmitry Rozhdestvenskiy
    phone: 3106
    CSE Lab Coordinator office: EV3.160
    email:  Nimalan Yoganathan
    phone: 3034
    MIE Lab Coordinator office: EV4.183
    email: Petre Tzenov
    phone: 8670

One-Time Reservations

  • This type of reservations can be done via AITS Service Desk. Please email the AITS Service Desk, and provide the purpose, duration, location and person(s) responsible for the booking. Upon confirmation of the reservation, the lab will be reserved for the day and time of the event. For further assistance at the time of the event ( turn the projector on and off), please contact the AITS Service Desk at H0964-00, or via the contact info given in the right hand sidebar.

NOTE: Please consult the lab index page for lab's location, capacity, availability, projector availability, and software specifics.