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Inventory and purchasing

Inventory & IT Purchasing

AITS offers an Inventory & Purchasing Service for members of the Faculty of Engineering & Computer Science.

All devices connected to the ENCS network must first be inventoried by AITS. Additionally, to conform with licensing agreements & be eligible for software installs, computers must belong to the Faculty of Engineering & Computer Science. To have a device inventoried, you may contact the Service Desk. Please include supporting documentation such as a Purchase Order or Web Requisition number.

If you are interested in purchasing either software or computers, AITS can provide assistance to ENCS Faculty & Staff members. The University maintains a catalogue of standardized computers which suit the majority of teaching & research activities. Non-Standard equipment can still be bought, however a waiver form must first be signed. The form can be found below & must be signed by the ENCS Dean.

Non-standard computers must be bought with a 3-year warranty as well as include an OEM version of Windows. If a specific vendor is required & the value is over $5000, a sole source document must first be completed along with the appropriate justifications.

All computer purchases must be done via Web Requisition (Millennium). Machines bought on a credit card (P-Card) or reimbursed via expense report shall not be inventoried & thus not eligible for ENCS-licensed Applications. Additionally, both non-standard & reimbursed computers shall only be supported on a "Best Effort" basis.

Minor Purchase

Please note that due to a lack of staff, all IT purchases valued at less than $1000 should be addressed to your Department Administrator (DA). Should the device require network registration (desktop, laptop, printer, etc.) it will first need to be added to inventory. In such cases, kindly ensure that items are delivered to the AITS Service Desk (EV 7.182) so that they may be processed quicker.


Non-Standard Computer Waiver

Mutual Agreement / Sole Source Document

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