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Fair bandwidth allocation (NAG)

ENCS network group makes every effort to provide a fair amount of bandwidth to the members of the ENCS community, internally and externally.

  • Internally the network is seggrated into subnets and virtual networks (VLANs) for teaching and research labs and research groups and infrastructure to mimize or reduce interference between these networks not to flood each other with potentially large volumes of traffic sent internally. This includes the ghosting season each semeter the Desktop Group performs of the teaching and general labs without impacting the rest of the Faculty's network experience.
  • Externally while we have a limited share of bandwith (2Gbps max) in our uplink to IITS on the way to RISQ (Concordia's ISP) sharing that with the rest of Concordia we conserve the traffic by having all to have a fair share to the commercial Internet only (i.e., excluding other research networks connected to RISQ). The usage of commercial Internet usually does not fall within the acamedic use of ENCS network resources. Thus, at full speed download each user is allowed to "borrow" one full 1 full giabit until the connection is throttled to "repay" the "debt", which usually takes about 2 hours, until another full gigabit becomes available. Exceptions to this rule include all known patch sites, known software/hardware vendors, legitimate software repositories, and otherwise non-profit and academic and research organizations. The latter list is maintained manually, so it is possible it is incomplete. To add a site to be exempted from the bandwidth limitations, open a ticket at servicedesk AT