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ENCS printers and printing system

ENCS maintains its own printing system, and the ENCS printing quota is as follows:

  • Full time employees: unlimited printing.
    • A page count will be kept for each individual user. This is to ensure that Faculty and staff do not run out of quota at any time.
  • Part-time instructors: 500 pages per course per semester.
  • Students taking a course: no printing quota, neither at the undergraduate nor graduate level.
  • Students doing research,visiting researchers and post-doctoral fellows: no printing quota, it is also no longer possible to transfer quota from a Faculty member to a student/Visiting Researcher/Post-Doctoral Fellow.

Only faculty and staff can print to AITS-managed color printers. Students who need a colour printout must give the document to their professor to print or use the Concordia DPrint Service.

We offer two types of printing services for User-Managed systems which use ENCS Quota. You can print through our SAMBA Server or through an LPR port. The main difference between these two choices is how printing is billed.

If you choose to use SAMBA, printing is charged to the individual ENCS user.

If you decide to use an LPR port, ALL printing is charged to the owner of the computer, i.e. we cannot distinguish between users.

The main differences are listed in the table below.


Comparison of printing methods
  SAMBA printing LPR printing
Quota is charged to? Authenticated users Machine/IP address
Do you need to know the printer model? No Yes - (Click on the "Available Printers" link)
Do you need to know the printer name? Yes Yes
Printer driver installation Automatically download and installed Manually located and installed
Post driver installation configuration? No 3rd tray, memory, duplex
Authentication Must authenticate every login session before printing Only on the server side, transparent on the client side.
Ease of Installation Easy, most of the steps are automatic Medium, some post-install or configuration necessary. User may need the Windows CD to install print service for UNIX before using the LPR print service. Consult the information in the FAQ below.
Ease of use Medium: remember to authenticate before you print Easy: use just like like local printer
Support for non-ENCS accounts No, only available for current ENCS users (i.e. you MUST have an ENCS account) Yes, all valid LOCAL computer accounts can print, even if the local user does NOT have an ENCS account
Available printers All ENCS printers All ENCS printers


To cancel your print job, please contact the ENCS Service Desk Staff in Room H0964-00 or EV007.182. Do not reboot the printer or cancel the job from the printer panel.


This document provides information on how to install the SAMBA print services on Windows.

To add an LPR printer, follow these steps:

  1. Find the name of the ENCS-managed printer (General access EV building printer, General access Hall building printer, Faculty & Staff EV building printer) you would like to use.
  2. Open Print Center utility from /Applications/Utilities/Print Center or from System Preferences, select Print & Fax.
  3. The first time you run the printer setup, you will be prompted to add a printer, click Add, if you have installed a printer before just click the + sign.
  4. Type the hostname of the printer server, i.e., in the Printer Address field, and type the name of the printer in the Queue Name field.
  5. Select the model of the printer from the Printer Model pop-up menu, select the Model Name, then click the Add button.
  6. You can additional printers or quit the Printer Center utility.

Note. Due to technical reason, iMac and Macbook computer cannot print to ENCS printers via Concordia wireless network. They can only print to ENCS printers via ENCS wired network by means of LPR printing.

Printing double-sided (duplex) allows you to print on both sides of the page. This type of printing differs based on the operating system and printer you use. 

The steps are provided Related Docments mentioned below. They describe using "LPR port" to setup a network device as a printer.

A network printer is a hardware device that is directly connected to the network. This printer can be accessed from a print server without physically connecting the printer to the print server with a cable. The network printer has its own system name and IP address.

You’ll commonly want to print two or more lecture slides on each paper. It is quite and easy in Adobe and Power Point’s print dialog box. You can also use this feature in combination with double sided printing.

Ubuntu supports printer sharing over networks, so you can print from your Ubuntu machine, to another Ubuntu machine that has a printer attached.

HP Scanjet 5590 Digital Flatbed Scanner is available to all ENCS users in the following computer labs.

EV building: EV009.245
Hall building: H966

The scanner enables students to scan documents and course notes to a wide range of file types.

Following are the general guidelines to prioritize the use of scanner

• The scanner is a shared resource to all ENCS users.
• ENCS users are eligible to use the scanner on a first-come-first-serve basis.
• Please limit your session in case if other people are waiting, you can wait for a second session.
• If no one is waiting for the scanner, you may use scanner to finish your job.

NOTE: If you don't need to use the scanner, do not login to the scanner computer.

Please refer to the related Document below for how to use the scanner