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ENCS network (NAG)

ENCS Networking

AITS has applied considerably restricted rules in order to secure the ENCS network and ensure its fair use by the ENCS community. Please note generally that each network jack can only be connected to the machine it is meant for. Plugging another computer to a jack without informing the ENCS analysts will not work; the new computer's Ethernet (MAC) address must be registered before it will work. Please note it is strictly forbidden to spoof MAC addresses on the ENCS network as these acts bring in liability to the Faculty and the University.

Only ENCS faculty and staff can request a network connection in a public access lab. Graduate students may request a network connection in a graduate student office and/or a research lab. The computers that are entitled to be connected to the ENCS network must be ENCS-owned desktops or laptops.


When a device needs to be connected to ENCS network in the first time,  New IT Equipment Setup Request Form should be filled up as a formal request.

If a device has already been conntected to ENCS network, and needs to be conntect to another network jack,  IT Equipment Moving Request Form should be filled up as a formal request.

Please be advised that Concordia Distribution Services takes care of the physical moving of equipment. Professors may also ask their students to move computer systems.

For more instructions, consult the Document below.