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ENCS computer account

ENCS computer account

Your ENCS computer account is your net ID within ENCS. It is required for logging into managed systems in our computer labs, reading your ENCS e-mail, asking for IT support, etc. You are encouraged to use your ENCS account to communicate within the ENCS community.


  • You should change your initial password.
  • Understand that you are responsible for the security of your ENCS computer account. Account sharing is strictly prohibited.
  • You can visit our Service Desk if you forget your password, and we will reset it for you. Please bring along your valid Concordia ID card to obtain this service. For security reasons, password information will not be provided by phone nor by e-mail.

Privileges of your account

Your account grants you access to certain computer labs in the Hall and EV Buildings. Your access level is dependent on your Concordia status (i.e., the program in which you are enrolled, the course in which you've registered, the research activities in which you are involved). The easiest way to determine which computer labs you have access to, is to get the list of lab door codes.


To obtain an ENCS account, you must be associated with the Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science as a student, staff member, faculty member, or other authorized personnel. If you meet any of these requirements, please bring your valid Concordia ID card to either of the following locations:

  • Room H0964-00, on the 9th floor of the Hall Building
  • Room EV007.182, on the 7th floor of the EV Building

We will present you with two copies of an agreement, one of which you must sign (to show that you agree to comply with the rules and policies of the Faculty of ENCS). You will then obtain your username and account password.

If you forget your password, please visit the ENCS Service Desk and present a valid Concordia ID card. We will then reset the password for you.

For security reasons, passwords can‘t be reset by e-mail nor by phone.


The IITS-recommended username (Netname) is normally used as the ENCS username (though the password is different).

We will not modify a student's ENCS username unless there is a serious reason (for example, the username is an offensive word in their native language). If your auto-generated username is offensive, you must first contact IITS (@H925) to request a different IITS username (Netname). After your Netname has been modified by IITS, you can then send e-mail to to request the same change within ENCS.

Please note that student login names must contain an underscore.

If a student needs to continue using their computer account for longer than the usual grace period after graduation, for example because they are still collaborating with a professor, the student's supervisor must contact the Department Administrator (DA). If the Department approves, the DA updates or creates the record for the student in the Engineering Identity Information System (EIIS); this makes it possible for the computer account to remain alive.

Student access to ENCS labs is based on registration in ENCS degree programs, or in courses that are supported with computing resources. Accounts of students enrolled in ENCS courses or ENCS degree programs get a grace period. The grace period for students who were in a degree program is 4 months, while the grace period for the students only taking courses is 2 months.

Once a student is no longer eligible for service, AITS will place the account into the expiry sequence.

At the end of the grace period:

AITS will issue multiple e-mail warnings to ENCS account holders, prior to restricting access and deleting any accounts. ENCS account holders will be warned to retrieve any files that they wish to keep, as well as to notify their e-mail correspondents that their ENCS e-mail address is going away.