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Card Access

Allows access to rooms in the EV building. Each department's DA  (Department Administrator) can make changes for rooms that belong to the department.


To request physical access to a room in EV with the card access system installed, you should contact the Department Administrator (DA) of your department.

If you do not have your card yet, please see the security office on the ground floor. Once you have your card you can contact your DA for room access privileges.

Department DA Contact
BCEE Olga Soares office: EV6.143
email: Olga Soares
phone: 3195
CIISE Kim Adams office: EV7.643 
email: Kim Adams
phone: 3180
ECE Tatyana Bobrova office: EV5.143
email: Tatyana Bobrova
phone: 4493
CSE Massy Joulani office: EV3.143
email: Massy Joulani
phone: 7826
MIE Maureen Thuringer office: EV4.143
email: Maureen Thuringer
phone: 7975