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Anti-spam & anti-phishing (SAG NAG)

Filtering Emails and SPAM

It is possible to redirect emails automatically to different mailboxes based on certain criteria. This can be done on the client-side by setting filters in your email client application (see the help documentation of the email program you are using). It can also be done on the server-side using the procmail utility.

The disadvantage of client-side filtering is that messages only get filtered by the email program, and not elsewhere. Compare with server-side filtering, where the messages are filtered by the mail server, so emails are always redirected no matter which email program you use.


The best way to stop spam in your email is to setup procmail filtering. To setup spam filtering on your ENCS account, please follow the related document below.

No! You must NEVER reply to e-mail asking you for your ENCS
account password, for your bank PIN, for your credit card number, or
for any other similar personal information. These messages are

You can usually tell that the message is fake because the "Reply-To"
address is not the address of the institution that is supposed to
have sent the message, but in any case, no responsible institution
will ever ask for your password by e-mail.

If you give away your account password, your account will be used to
send spam, which will damage Concordia's reputation, and may result
in the suspension of your account.

If you have sent your ENCS account password in response to such a
message, CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD IMMEDIATELY and report the incident
to so we can check for misuse of your

Whenever there is a need for you to inform us about an issue concerning a suspicious email, there is a need to send us the proper information to the following email address: 

In order to investigate we need to have the full content of an email. Not only the message but also the full header telling us the originator of the email, the route taken for the delivery, etc... By following the right procedure you avoid the need to contact you again to obtain the proper information 

You will find how to show the full header of an email message here.