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How to reserve an ENCS plotter?

Plotters and ledger size (11"x17") printers are currently available to ENCS students, in H0964-00, during the normal Operating Hours of the Service Desk in the Hall Building.

Three plotters are at your disposal: RASP, CHISEL and MALLET.. If you want to print a ledger size drawing, i.e. 11"x17", you have at your disposal a B&W printer (FORGE) and a color printer (PALETTE).

Public Calendars are posted, to facilitate the reservation process, as plotting is by appointment only, except during the few weeks prior to the Poster Presentation Sessions of the Capstone Projects.

Here are the links to the individual monthly views for RASPCHISELMALLETFORGEPALETTE and to three different combined views: Weekly Users VerticalWeekly Users HorizontalMonthly Users Horizontal.

Please fill out the Plotting Reservation Request Form. Once the form has been submitted, you will receive an AutoReply email containing the RT ticket number in the Subject header. This indicates that your request has been queued in our system. You should receive a response within a short delay.

Make a note of the RT ticket number, as this will be your reference number. Wait until you receive a reply to your request, which will either confirm or propose an alternate booking.

The first time an ENCS student sends a job to a plotter, a plotting quota of 25 pages is allocated to that user. A printing quota of 50 pages is given for the ledger size prints. These quotas are non-renewable.

We ask you to convert any poster to Adobe PDF file format, prior to your arrival in the plotting area. You are also expected to bring the file in its' original format.  The file can be stored on a USB key or a network share. Very dark backgrounds are strongly discouraged.

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