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IT Groups

Information Systems & Applications

The mandate of the Information Systems Group is to facilitate the flow of information between those that generate information (e.g. IITS, Office of the Registrar, Human Resources, and Security) and those that use it, both internally and externally. The vision is to offer a central data repository where any new information produced is dynamically available to all users with the proper access controls in effect.

This group is currently providing the following faculty wide services among others: Card Access Operation, visitor and graduate student office allocation, space management and report preparation, furniture and equipment inventory and deployment and EIIS (an Identity Management System) formerly known as FIS (Faculty Information System).

This group also installs and maintains the UNIX software environment on Linux desktops and servers. The software is not limited to that being used for courses, but also includes research and office support (database, web). It also assists other groups with programming and application problem resolution and the ENCS administrative printing system installation and management.

The group is also involved in providing assistance to the various Departments in preparing for the usage of applications in the teaching laboratories.

Network Services

The Network Services Group ensures that the ENCS data network operates efficiently and securely. To accomplish this requires that the following issues (partial list) be addressed: The ENCS network architecture, isolation of user-managed networks, switch installation and configuration, firewall/router configuration and maintenance, network database management and maintenance, network security monitoring and liaison with IITS regarding network and security issues at Concordia.

Core Technologies

This group builds and maintains the AITS infrastructure services, which include various servers (login, computation, mail, authentication, print, web, information, disk storage and cluster) and associated services (account management, backup and archival, customization and Active Directory support).

Client Technologies

The Client Technology Group creates a reliable and secure desktop environment that meets the teaching needs of the Faculty. To realize this task, a great deal of attention is given to: desktop security, software evaluation, software installation, deployment and managing all teaching desktops, troubleshooting, end user support, hardware evaluation, desktop integrity (anti-virus, patches, etc.).

The group is also responsible for servers providing software license management and remote application access.

Purchasing/Asset Management

This group determines the needs of each department (or research group) and provides advice on how AITS can support the requested services. This takes into account the current infrastructure and incorporating the requested equipment into the existing environment. If a new service is needed, this group will undertake the investigation and perform the due diligence to assess the necessity, feasibility and cost of implementation. The translation of these requests to purchase orders or web requisitions, follow up, verification, distribution and asset management is also the responsibility of this group.

User Services

The primary responsibility of the User Services Group is to provide computing support to faculty, staff and students. This occurs through the service desk operation, webpages for online information, and the continuous development of documentation (FAQs, HOW-TOs etc.).

Day to day duties include the regular inspection of computer teaching lab and support of Faculty printing services. The full time service desk staff are responsible for hiring, training and supervising part-time and casual staff, typically students from the Faculty. The EV building service desk is used as the AITS reception area for visitors, the lending of software and equipment to faculty and staff, the receiving of all shipments and deliveries of equipment purchased via AITS.

The group also provides technical assistance to the other AITS groups. This includes, but is not limited to, the physical installation of equipment, security system development and deployment, hardware maintenance and support. Some specific task examples are: installing printers, computers in labs and offices; service and repair of computer related problems; moving equipment to different locations; security system maintenance (alarms); door Keypad code maintenance and documentation.