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Setting Up ENCS Webpages

1. Locate Your Web Directory

When you login from an ENCS-managed desktop, your personal web directory and group web directory are already mapped or mounted, but if you login from an user-managed desktop, you have to manually map or mount such directory. The information on how to map a network drive in Windows/Linux can be found here.

The Windows Drive Letter, mapping point, and Unix Path are listed as follows:

Network Share Windows
Drive Letter
Unix Path Windows Drive
Mapping Points
Personal Web
Home Directory
W: /www/home/U/USERNAME \\filer-users\web\U\USERNAME
Group Web
Home Directory:
X:\U\USERNAME /www/groups/U/USERNAME \\filer-groups\groupweb\U\USERNAME

where U is the first letter of the USERNAME of the account.

2. Create Your Home Page

You need to create an index.html or index.shtml file in your web directory.

From Linux/Unix:

You can choose any text/html editor (e.g. vi) to create a new file index.html or index.shtml in your web directory.

From Windows:

  • Choose a favorite text/html editor (e.g. notepad.exe) to create a new file.

  • Then save it into your web directory as an index.html or index.shtml.

IMPORTANT: Whatever you put in the web directory will count for your disk quota

3. Provide Access to the World

  • Verify Web Directory Permission

You have to give world readable and accessible permissions using the following Linux command:

    • For Personal Web Home Directory:

    By default your personal web home directory already has read and access permissions to the world. The permission of your personal web home directory from Linux should look like drwx-r-xr-x If your web home directory has a different permission, then you can give world readable and accessible permissions using the following Linux command:

    chmod 755 your_unix_personal_web_directory_path
    (e.g. chmod 755 /www/home/j/jsmith )

    • For Group Web Home Directory:

      chmod 2755 your_unix_group_web_directory_path
      (e.g. chmod 2755 /www/groups/j/jsmith )

NOTE: You must set SGID bit (i.e. 2xxx) on group web home directory because all files created in that directory will have the group ownership and use group disk quota instead of being owned by yourself (the file's creator) and using yours own disk quota.

  • Verify Web File Permission

    • From Linux/Unix:

      You have to give world readable permission using the following Linux command:

      chmod a+r your_unix_webdirectory_path/index.html
      (e.g. chmod a+r /www/home/j/jsmith/index.html )

    • From Windows: (ENCS-managed machine)

    By default, the index file you create in your web home directory from Windows will already have read and access permissions to the world since it inherits all permissions from web home directory. If your index.html file has no world readable permission, then you can give that permission to index.html.

    To set world readable permission of the index.html file, just go to your web directory, then right-click index.html, and select Properties.

    Click SecureShare tab, make sure the 'R' option (read permission) of 'Other' is checked, then click OK.

4. View Web Page

To view your personal or group web pages, go to any web browser and type the following Web address:

  • Personal Web URL:


  • Group Web URL:


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