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How to run Fluent and Gambit

[Modified Tuesday, Feb 23rd 2010 by nguyen]

To run Fluent or Gambit in Linux follow these steps:

ENCS Managed System:

1) Open a terminal
2) Type: fluent or gambit to run one of the applications and press 'Return'

User-managed System:

1) Open a terminal
2) SSH to one of the ENCS Hosts , by typing: ssh -X your_encs_username@server_name
3) Type: fluent or gambit to run one of the applications and press 'Return'

In Windows, Gambit and Fluent can be run only in user-managed machines with X server program installed, but not analyst-managed machines where no X server program has been installed so far. You need to install a X server program(Xming is such one) in an user-managed machine first, then SSH to honesty.encs.concordia.ca. From the command line, run "gambit" or "fluent". A example is given here.

Note: it is not guarenteed that all the features can be available through Xming program. Please let us know the problem that you encounter.

Please refer to this link for more info.

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