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Why do I get the message "account expired" when I submit my assignment through Electronic Assignment Submission ?

If the users submit their assignment 15 minutes after they fill the username and password in Electronic Assignment Submission Form, they get the error message:


 Your authentication as ENCS User Account holder expired.

 Please go back to:

 form and reauthenticate yourself. Note that an authenticated session

 is 15 minutes long"


It does not say that their ENCS account expired but that their authentication as a ENCS account holder for the current http session has expired. It mentions how to reauthenticate themselves.

So you must use a browser that accepts internet cookies. Once you authenticate yourself as an ENCS User, you will have 15 minutes to submit your work. If you don’t submit in this time you will have to re-authenticate and the browser will start a new session in which you will again have 15 minutes before cookies expire.

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