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Why do deleted emails still show in my Webmail inbox?

Case 1:
If you're using ENCS webmail, when deleting an email, by default, it marks as deleting and still shows in your Inbox. You need to purge them to move to Trash folder, press 'Purge Deleted' on the top right corner.

If you want this task to be done automatically, on the menu, choose Options->In 'Message Options' section->'Deleting and Moving Messages': check "When deleting messages, move them to your Trash folder instead of marking them as deleted?"
Please note that, if this option is checked, you do not have to purge your deleted email manually. And the 'Purge Deleted' option will NOT show on the top right corner on your Webmail.
If you would like to display the 'Purge Deleted' option, uncheck this option.

Case 2:
If you use Thunderbird for your daily mail check, and you use Webmail at another time, deleted emails in Thunderbird will show as marked deleted in Webmail. To fix this:

- Open Thunderbird -> Tools -> Options -> tab Advances -> tab General -> Config Editor.
In the open Windows, type in mail.imap.expunge_after_delete.
Click on the display record to change the value to 'true'
Close all Thunderbird Options windows.
- Exit your current Webmail session. Open Webmail again. Deleted emails in Thunderbird should not show on Webmail.

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