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Why can't I receive new emails even if I have cleared my Inbox?

One reason could be your Inbox is still over quota.The source of issue is those old emails are not permanently removed from your email, but just marked as deleted, so your inbox is still over quota.

After logging in Web Mail, click "purge deleted" (on the right side) to purge all emails marked as "deleted". Now the 'deleted' emails are indeed deleted. If it doesn’t work you can follow the below solution.

1. Assuming user “j_smith” was doing this operation:

2. Login with ssh to

3. cd to your mail folder.

#cd /var/spool/mail/j/
(“j” is the first letter of ENCS username)

4. Then move your “Inbox” to your “Unix” drive (U drive) in your “mail”
# mv j_smith /home/j/j_smith/mail

5. Refresh the display of your mail folders. You would see new mail
folder named "j_smith" via Web e-mail or any e-mail clients. Basically
“j_smith” mail folder is your “Inbox”. Now you can move or delete your
e-mails from “j_smith” folder and move your useful e-mails back to
“Inbox”. Afterwards you can delete “j_smith” mail folder or otherwise it
will occupy your Basic disk quota (U, G & W drives).

Note that while doing this all mail clients should be closed.

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