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What to do if I am over disk quota?

First, double check your network disk space usage on this web program ENCS User Quota Check. If you see the word "expired" in the output, it means that you are over your allocated disk quota and your account will remain blocked until you return below quota. 

To figure out the files using up most of your disk space, you need to remote login to by SSH, and then issue command


The result will be output in a few moments, depending on the number of files on your network drives. In the result, you will find the top 20 files/directories consuming your disk space the most.  Delete or move them to your local disk or USB key.  Do not forget to check your disk usage on web program ENCS User Quota Check to ensure your network drives have enough free space. 


  • ~snapshot directory in any network drive(deive G, U, W, etc) does NOT consume any disk space. It is the system back folder for user to resume the modified/deleted files by themselves.
  • Professors and Staff are assigned 30GB of basic disk space.
  • Students are assigned 1 GB of basic disk space distributed over their home directories: Windows home (drive G), Unix home (drive U) and Web home (drive W). This limit cannot be increased. Thesis students are entitled to an additional 500 MB located in the Thesis space (drive T). If additional disk space is needed, graduate students should go through their supervisor.
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