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How to subscribe to a ENCS mailing list?


There are three steps that you need to perform for each mailing:

  • Add your subscribers to the list.
  • Send your message.
  • Remove your subscribers from the list.

(A) Add your subscribers to the list

Go to your list administrative interface. The URL looks something like

Enter your list password; you will be taken to thst administration interface.

Subscribe your intended recipients. Select "Membership Management" in the left column, and then, when that item expands, select "Mass Subscription".

Cut and paste your list of recipient addresses into the first box, OR, if you prefer, export your list into a flat file (not an Excel file), and upload that file. Either way, when you have specified your list of recipients or filename, click on "submit your changes". At that point, Mailman should reply that it has subscribed the addresses in question.

You can check that your addresses are really on the list by clicking on "Membership List" (again under "Membership Management").

Note: do not subscribe yourself to the list, or you will have trouble posting.

(B) Send your message

Send your message to the list, by normal e-mail, using the list address, which looks something like:

Note: posting to your list is restricted to a small number of addresses; if yours is not included and should be, add it to "accept_these_nonmembers", as explained in crash course on using Mailman.

You can check that your message has gone out by checking the "list archives" (right-hand column of list interface).

(C) Remove your subscribers from the list

Since this list is to be used for various purposes, it is best to "clean it up" (remove the subscribers) after you send your message, to avoid accidental postings, or postings to the wrong group of people. To do that, select "Mass Removal" (again under "Membership Management"), and again cut-and-paste or upload a file, just as you did for the subscriptions, and of course click on "submit your changes". Mailman should respond that it has unsubscribed a bunch of addresses. Again you can check this by making sure that no addresses are listed under "List Membership".


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