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How to setup Perl CGI scripts on ENCS website?

You can run CGI scripts on your personal and group ENCS web space. If you need information about setting up your web page, see the webpage Setting Up ENCS Webpages.

You can place your .cgi file anywhere on your web space, but take careful note of the following points:

  • The first line in your CGI script file should be:


  • Make sure the directory containing your CGI script has permissions such that:
    • web users can have access to the scripts inside (world executable)
    • any newly created files in the directory are group owned (group sticky bit)

    For any directory containing your scripts, change the permissions as follows:

    chmod 2771 <directory>

  • Make sure your CGI script files also have the proper permissions:

    chmod 755 <filename>

NOTE: For group-related web space it is important that the permissions on all the directories and files are group owned. That way the files use up the group's quota and not your personal user quota.

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