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How to run Fluent from Windows?

You will need a X server (Xming is such one) for graphical display application on Windows

You also need a Secure shell (SSH client or Putty) to remote acess ENCS server

1. Start Xming

Go to Start -> Programs ->Xming -> Xming


2. Start Secure Shell Client

In this case, an example of SSH Client is given

a. Set Tunnel X11 connections

In the menu: Edit -> Settings
Under Profile Settings -> Connection -> Tunneling: check Tunnel X11 connections. Click OK.

b. Connect to our ENCS server

Click Quick Connect. Enter Host name as ''. Enter your ENCS username, then password.

c. SSh to one of our Linux servers (for example: honesty.encs.concordia) with -X option to enable X11 forwarding


d. Once log in, in the command, enter fluent