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How to recover deleted e-mail in ENCS email box?

This examples assumes that user “j_smith” is doing this operation

Recover deleted email in Inbox folder

  1. Before you start, close all of your e-mail clients.
  2. Log in with ssh to
  3. Go to the snapshot directory inside the parent directory of your mail folder:

    cd /var/spool/mail/j/.snapshot

    ... where “j” is the first letter of the ENCS username. Note that you will have to type the path in full: the word ".snapshot" will not be auto-completed by pressing the tab key.

  4. Show your INBOX in all of the snapshots, listed in chronological order:

    ls -altr */j_smith

    and select the snapshot that is closest to (but before) the delete time (e.g. "hourly.0").

  5. Copy the selected file to your "mail" directory, for example:

    cp hourly.0/j_smith ~/mail/recovered

  6. Now you can restart your mail client, and refresh the display of your mail folders. You will see a new mail folder named "recovered" via Web e-mail or any other e-mail client. Look there for the missing messages, and move them to a more appropriate folder.
  7. When you're done, you can safely delete what's left in the "recovered" folder, since it is duplicated in your regular INBOX.

Recover deleted email in folders other than Inbox

Your mail folders (other than Inbox) are in your “U” drive (Unix drive), under a folder called “mail”. If you need to recover e-mail outside the Inbox mail folder, such as “Sent” or any other mail folder, right click on the “mail” folder in “U” drive and browse the snapshots for your mail folders.

For information on how to browse a snapshot, please follow the instructions mentioned in the document below.  See also the procedure on recovering messages deleted from Inbox, and modify the commands appropriately to reflect the folder you want to work on.

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