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How long will my ENCS account remain valid after I finish my study in ENCS ?

Student access to ENCS labs is based on registration in ENCS degree programs, or in courses that are supported with computing resources. Accounts of students enrolled in ENCS courses or ENCS degree programs get a grace period. The grace period for students who were in a degree program is 4 months, while the grace period for the students only taking courses is 2 months.

Once a student is no longer eligible for service, AITS will place the account into the expiry sequence.

At the end of the grace period:

AITS will issue multiple e-mail warnings to ENCS account holders, prior to restricting access and deleting any accounts. ENCS account holders will be warned to retrieve any files that they wish to keep, as well as to notify their e-mail correspondents that their ENCS e-mail address is going away.

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