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How to activate Windows or Office from outside ENCS network ?

To activate, you must have an Administrator priviledged account, and you must connect your computer to the Concordia University VPN network.

Note: To connect to the Concordia University VPN Network, you MUST use your Concordia NetName and Password (not your ENCS username and password)

1.  Visit: to download the Cisco anywhere software, and install it. 

2. Connect to the VPN server ( using the software in step 1.

Once connected to the network, your operating system (i.e., Windows), should automatically re-activate, and your Office products will activate if you launch the application while connected to the VPN.

REMEMBER: You need to allow your computer to "re-activate" itself at least once ever 180 days. Windows should do this automatically if you re-establish the VPN connection to the Concordia University network.