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How to access ENCS user-managed machine remotely?

Remotely connecting to your user-managed desktop requires a client-server interface, usng either Remote Desktop or VNC. Note that the requirements is to have an ENCS user-managed machine and Windows 2000/XP or Linux on your client (home) machine. Windows Remote Desktop works best with Windows XP Service Pack 2 although Service Pack 1 or lower will work. If you don't have Service Pack 2 please read in the Remote Desktop section carefully.

The machine you wish to connect to will need to run either a Remote Desktop or a VNC server and you may need to install a Remote Desktop or VNC client on the client (home) machine you will be working on (i.e. the one you will be using to connect to your ENCS user-managed machine). Some of the available software options are to use RealVNC, Remote Desktop (Windows only) and/or TightVNC. Note that Remote Desktop comes with Windows XP.

The procedures is to establish an SSH Tunnel and connect the client (home) machine to your user-managed machine.

Instruction for using Remote Desktop - Windows only application.
Instruction for using Real VNC - Windows and Linux client/server application.