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Setting Up a Vacation Message on ENCS email

Set-Up Using ENCS Webmail

Login to Webmail.



Click on the "Vacation" icon.   A default set-up is generated.  This form lets you install or remove a vacation notice for your e-mail account. You should edit the default message to meet your needs.  A .procmailrc file is created in your UNIX home directory (drive U), if you don't already have one.



You should choose to "Set/install vacation notice".  Type an appropriate "Subject" or simply use the one that is there.  By default, the "From" line will contain your username in brackets.   If necessary, you may modify the "Message" content to meet your needs.   Click on "Submit".


The next time you login to Webmail and select the "Vacation" icon, the "Unset/remove vacation notice" will be selected.  To remove the vacation message, simply click on "Submit".



A vacation notice will automatically reply to any incoming mail.  Only one reply per week will be sent to an individual sender.  A database file, ".vacation.db", keeps a record of senders and timestamps.  If you wish to modify the message you have already "Set" and re-notify people, start by removing the ".vacation.db"  hidden file in your UNIX home directory and then submit an "Unset/remove vacation notice" request. You can now repeat the procedure described above.


Special procmail rules are needed for those with administrative role accounts that have mail aliases assigned to them. Webmail will check if your role account's .procmailrc is setup correctly and will notify you if it is not. If you need assistance to implement this, please contact us at