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Print to the plotter RASP

  1. Open the document with Adobe Reader and select the Print option.
  2. Select the printer rasp from the list of printers.
  3. Click on Properties.
  4. Under the Paper/Quality tab, from within Paper Options, select the desired document size. If your paper size is not specified, choose Custom… to configure an alternate size. Make sure the size chosen matches the size of the document.
  5. To configure your own Custom Paper Size, enter the measurements in English units, i.e. Inches. Where it says New Paper Size, fill in a Name.
  6. Under Paper Size, indicate the Width and Length (Height). The width should be the shortest of the two dimensions of your poster.
  7. Save your settings and then click OK. If OK is disabled, it's an indication that you have not saved your configuration or that you need to change the New Paper Size name to something different such as Custom1.
  8. Under the Features tab, select Actual size to avoid scaling of your document.
  9. Select the Autorotate Roll Option to fit the document on the page, so that unprinted area is minimized. Specify the roll width of the currently loaded roll. Staff on duty will be able to give you this information.
  10. Select OK to save these settings and return to the Print window.
  11. Verify that the paper size under Paper Sizing & Handling matches the desired print size and that the image in the Document Preview appears as you expect the document to come out of the plotter.
  12. If everything is as it should, select the Print option to send your job to the plotter. The poster may take up to 5 minutes to appear in the Print Queue. This will depend on the file size and complexity of the document. If the file appears momentarily in the queue and does not get printed, there may be a problem with the file. Perhaps an alternate method of printing can be used. Do not hesitate to consult our staff on duty if you need assistance.