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Opening PDF Web links

Solution 1: Open PDF web links directly in Adobe Reader to view or print

1.   Open Adobe Reader (latest one) from Start > All Programs >Adobe >Adobe Reader

2.    In Adobe Reader, click “Edit” from the menu bar and select “Preferences”

3.    In the left pane, under "Categories", select "Internet".

4.   Uncheck "Display PDF in browser" under "Web Browser Options" on the right side.


From now on, all PDF web link files will open in Adobe Reader instead of the web browser.

Solution 2: Open PDF web links directly in Adobe Acrobat Professional for Advanced Editing.

Repeat the same steps as described in Solution 1 using Adobe Acrobat Professional instead of Adobe Reader.

Please note that you can open files less than 500KB from within your browser. Make sure that "Display PDF in browser" under "Web Browser Options" is checked. Refer to Case 1 Step 4.

Alternative Solution

Following is the alternative way to open PDF web links in either Adobe Reader or adobe Acrobat Professional if Mozilla Firefox is your default web browser.

Open FireFox, then from the menu select Tools /Options

In the Options window, select the Applications tab
Scroll down till you find  Adobe Acrobat 7.0 Document under content type and change the action to “Use Adobe Acrobat 7.0(default).

After making the change, click OK then Close. Now when you go to a web page that has a PDF file, Adobe acrobat 7.0 will launch and open the file.