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Map ENCS network drive from within Concordia

To map a network drive:

  1. Click Start  Computer
  2. Select Map network drive.

    Tools Menu

  3. Specify the Drive letter for the connection, for instance G:.
  4. Type in the network path to the share (Eg: \\\<encs_username>) you want to connect to, in the Folder space.
  5. Check Connect using different credentials.

    Map Network Drive

  6. Click Finish to connect the drive.
  7. You will be prompted for a username and password. Supply ENCS\< username> and password.


The following table lists the shares you can currently map:

Drive Letter Mount Point Description
G: \\\<encs_username> Windows home directory
H: \\\nettemp Temporary disk space. All files in here are deleted automatically every morning
Q: \\\v_admin\admin_unix Administrative Groups
R: \\\fac_<FL*>\<encs_username> Private disk space
S: \\\v_groups\groups_unix Home directories for group accounts
U: \\\unix\<FL*>\<encs_username> Unix home directory
W: \\\web\<FL*>\<encs_username> Web directory
X: \\\v_groups\groups_web Web directories for group accounts
T: \\\v_thesis\thesis_unix Graduate thesis directory

FL* - This is the First Letter of your ENCS username.

For example, if your username is foobar, you would map the U: drive as: