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Manage Sophos group privileges on ENCS user-managed machine

If viruses are found by Sophos, and as a user, you do not have sufficient privilege to remove all these viruses, the administrator needs to modify the privilege for users in Sophos groups. The steps below will show you how to do this task.


- Log in with administrator credentials

- Right click on My Computer->Manage->Local Users and Groups->Groups

Choose the Sophos groups you would like to modify, say 'SophosPowerUser' group.
Double click on 'SophosPowerUser' -> Add

In 'Enter the object names to select': put the local user account name.

Click 'Check Names' to check if you have typed the correct local user account name.
For example: If you want to add 'Administrator' account to SophosPowerUser group, after 'Check Names', the account 'Administrator' becomes the 'Machine_name\Administrator'

Click OK.

Do the same process for other Sophos Groups if necessary.