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How to set up extensive scan option for Sophos Antivirus

Set up Extensive Scan Option for Sophos Antivirus

Sophos Antivirus is available on ENCS lab/office/grad/research desktops. On ENCS user-managed desktops, Sophos needs to be installed.

Make sure you have the latest virus definitions by running Sophos update. Then run a complete scan of your local C: drive. These steps below show you how to set up an extensive configuration for Sophos Antivirus. You can adjust to other options to fulfill your need.

  1. Right click on the Sophos icon on your task bar(bottom right of screen), click open sophos Anti-virus.

  2. Click set-up a New Scan

  3. Put a check mark next to c: drive

  4. Click Configure this scan(the link at the bottom of the window)

  5. You will see the 'Individual scan settings' window, check extensive scan, and put check marks in all options that appear below.

  6. Click on the 'cleanup' tab, put a check mark next to 'automatically' clean up option, and 'delete' option. Under 'what to do with suspicious files', you can also put a check mark next to the 'delete' option as well .

  7. Click Apply, Ok, then save and start the scan.

  8. Reboot the system after scan complete