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How to request ENCS network connection


How to connect to the ENCS network

The following infomation is required when a computer is connected to the ENCS network for the first time, or when the network connection of a computer is changed to another network jack

  1. The room number (i.e, EV9.123)
  2. The jack number (i.e, C4-085) to which the computer is to be connected
  3. The ENCS host name of the computer if it already has
  4. The MAC address (physical address) of the computer if it does NOT have an ENCS host name (which indicates it was possibly never connected to ENCS networking)
  5. The ENCS username of the administrator of the computer if it is user-managed

Please note, a computer, either a desktop or a laptop, can be connected to only one dedicated network jack. It is not possible to connect your laptop to multiple jacks.

How to connect a laptop to a research subnet

If you want to connect a laptop to a research subnet, a private networking dedicated to the research group, the following information is needed

  1. The jack number (i.e, C4-085).
  2. The room number (i.e, EV9.123).
  3. The ENCS username of the person who owns this laptop.
  4. The ENCS username of the person using this laptop.
  5. The MAC address of the laptop
  6. Approval from the professor

How to get the MAC address, IP address and host name of a computer

  1. In XP, click Start>Run, type in cmd and click OK to launch the command window. Type in the following command: ipconfig /all
  2. There you'll find the Physical Address...(MAC Address) and Host Name... of the machine. If you are already connected to network, you will also find the IP address of the machine

How to obtain IP address and DNS server address automatically

It is required that the computer be configured to get IP address and DNS server address automatically

From the start menu select: Control Panel>Network and Internet Connections>Network Connections>Local Area Connection

  1. Click the Properties
  2. Select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)
  3. Click Properties
  4. Check the boxes for 'Obtain an IP Address automatically' and 'Obtain DNS server address automatically'. The other boxes should gray-out.
  5. If you have problem getting rid of the old address, in the command console type ipconfig /release, then ipconfig /renew

Note to VoIP phone connection

Any request regarding VoIP phone should be sent to the Departmental Administrator (DA) of each department. IITS only processes the request from DA, because usually there is a charge to get such request done.