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Forward ENCS emails to another email account

The following procedure will describe how to set up email forwarding from your ENCS account to a different email account.


1- ENCS Email forwarding can be set up in Webmail.


2- After loging in, expand the Mail folder and you will see the "Forwards" link. Alternatively, if you select the same Mail folder, without expanding it, you will notice the "Forwards" icon on the menu bar.

3- Either way, select "Forwards".

4- A new page entitled "Set or Remove E-Mail Forwards" will open.

5- In the "Set/install a forward to:" area, type in the email address you wish to use for redirection. Make sure the associated radio button is selected.

6- If you do want to "Keep a copy in your local mailbox?", which is NOT recommended, you should check the related box. You need to monitor your ENCS mailbox size to avoid going over quota.


7- Click the "Submit" button to apply these new settings and your mail forwarding has now been configured. It's always a good idea to test any modifications.


In our example, email is forwarded to a Gmail account and a copy of the email message is retained in the local ENCS mailbox.

How to remove ENCS mail forwarding

  1. To unset mail forwarding, after having followed the procedure described above, simply select the "Unset/remove the forward" radio button. Click the "Submit" button to apply your changes and your mail forwarding has now been disabled.