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ENCS Scanner Usage

This topic describes the basic steps to use the HP Scanjet 5590 digital flatbed scanner  for scanning an image and saving to the PC.

You can start scanning in one of three ways:

Lift the scanner lid and place the item that you want to scan face down on the glass.


Scan from the scanner's front-panel buttons

The front-panel buttons on the scanner provide shortcuts to frequently used scanning functions, such as scanning documents and pictures.

Note: By default, the software does not prompt you to preview the scan when you use any of the front-panel buttons on the scanner.


Scan from the HP Director

Scan from the HP Director when you want more control over your scan, such as when you want to preview the image before the final scan.

If the HP Photo & Imaging icon is not on the desktop, click StartProgramsHewlett-Packard, point to the name of your scanner in use, and then click HP Photo and Imaging Director.

The HP Photo & Imaging window appears. From this window you can scan, view, or print images.

When prompts for “Select Source”, choose “hp scanjet 5590 TWAIN 1.0 (32-32)

HP starts scanning and scanner will preview the document. When the preview is complete, the “Accept” button will be highlighted. 
Select Accept if you are happy with the scan image, otherwise readjust and & press “New Scan”

The program will save the scan image to the default folder “My Documents / My Pictures”. However the image will be saved as *.tif (file size’s normally huge). To reduce the size and file format, click on the image & press “Image Editor”

Within image editor, you can crop, resize and adjust the colors/ brightness of the image as per your preference, then choose Save As and select the file type as (JPG , GIF, PDF …etc.) and Save it.


Scan from HP Solution Center

To start the HP Solution Center program, double-click the HP Solution Center icon on the desktop.


HP Solution Center window will open, select the Scan type either you want to scan a document or picture.

The selection will bring up the dialog screen shown below and the scanner optimizes settings based on your choice.  

Choose the appropriate settings; select Scan Document or Scan Picture.

Note: If you want to preview scans before they are sent to their destination, see preview a scanned image.

The defaults are good enough for most applications. To choose the location where you want the scanned image to be sent to click on the “Browse” button and choose “My Documents” or “My Pictures” folders to save scans to.

Once you have clicked “OK”, and “OK” again on the previous window press the “Scan” button.

This window will open and the scanner will preview the photo, when the preview is complete, the “Accept” button will be highlighted.
You can adjust the amount of the preview that you want to scan here by placing the mouse pointer over any of the black dots on the outside edge of the previewed image and dragging them in or out.



Once the scanner has scanned the page, you will be asked if you want to scan another page.

The scan will be sent to the destination and can be opened with the appropriate application for editing, printing or emailing.