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Displaying Email Headers

The email headers are the lines contain the addresses of all the computer systems that have relayed a message in between the sender and receiver. Each SMTP server that forwards the message adds a line of information to the headers.

Any email client program shows the standard To:, From:, Subject:, and date: headers when you open a message, but there are more. 

For instructions on displaying and sending full header from the popular e-mails programs used at ENCS, see: 

  • Mozilla Thunderbird
  • ENCS Webmail
  • MS Outlook 2007


    Mozilla Thunderbird

    1. Open the message in question
    2. From the View menu select "Message Source"
    3. From the Edit menu select "Select All"
    4. From the Edit menu select "Copy"
    5. Close the message window and go back to email program window
    6. From the File menu, select "New..." then "Message" or click on “Write” on the Mail Toolbar.
    7. Place the cursor in the body of the new email message by clicking in the empty message body
    8. From the File menu select "Paste"
    9. Address the message to ""
    10. Add a subject line or provide the RT reference number.
    11. Click the "Send" button

    ENCS Webmail

    1. Login to
    2. Open the message in question
    3. Clicking the "Message Source" will open the header information in a new browser window.
    4. From the Edit menu select "Select All"
    5. From the Edit menu select "Copy"
    6. Close this header information browser window
    7. In the webmail, click “New Message”
    8. Place the cursor in the body of the Text field, right click there and select “Paste”.
    9. Forward the message to "" with RT reference number.

    MS Outlook 2007

    1. Turn off HTML formatting. From the Tools menu. Select Options... then click the Mail Format tab. At the "Compose in this message format" area select Plain Text.
    2. Open the message in question so you can see it on your screen.
    3. Go to the "Options" block, which is the fourth block over.  To the right of "Options", there is a little button with an arrow in it.  Click on it and you have the message options menu with the internet headers in the bottom section. 
    4. Right click in the Internet headers box and click Select All.
    5. Right click again and select Copy
    6. Compose a new message to "" and in the body of the message, right click and select paste .
    7. After you have pasted the text, send the message with RT reference number and you have completed the process.

      Please also see the reference webpage for other e-mail programs,