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Add SAMBA printer to Windows

Important Notes:  There are two prerequisites for SAMBA printing.- Your machine's IP address must be on the SAMBA access list- You must have a valid ENCS account.

Also, you MUST have "plain text passwords" enabled on yo ur PC.
To add a SAMBA printer, follow these steps:

1. Connect to SAMBA server ""
There are two ways you can do this:

    1.a.  In the Run Window, type:   \\\name_of_printer. name_of_printer is the real printer name. If you don't know the name, don't type in.


Double click on the following desktop icon which is a shortcut link. By default, a useful shortcut link will be placed on your desktop which looks like:

    1.b.   Alternatively, type \\ on your address bar in your "my computer" window:


2.   Enter your ENCS username and password when the system prompts. The username/password must be a valid ENCS account.


3.   Add selected printer(s) to your system. After you are successfully authenticated by the SAMBA server, you will see a complete list of samba printers. These are our available ENCS managed samba printers.


    3.a.   Double click your selected printer, say, tiger, for example.

The system will pop up a "connecting a printer" window which will prompt you to install the printer driver. Click "Yes" to continue


4.   The computer will connect to our samba server and download the driver from server side.

Please be patient, as this might take up to 2~3 minutes depending on the network and the size of the required drivers.5. Finally, you will see the new installed printer on your system.


5.   You should print a test page to verify that the printer setup was successful. Right click on the printer icon and select "properties"

6. Click on "Print Test Page", and then verify that the test page actually printed.