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Add a Samba printer to Ubuntu User-Managed machine

Note: You should be connected to ENCS network to be able to print on our ENCS printer


Quick Printing to ENCS Printers:

If you don't need to permanently add a printer, you can use the following command to print:

Run: cat yourfilename.pdf | smbclient '\\\nib' -U yourENCSusername -c "print -" 

In the above example, we are printing to nib. The hostname will be different if you want to print to another printer. 

To Permanently Add ENCS Printers to your User-Managed System:

Open a new terminal (it could be as your regular user), and then run: system-config-printer.

In the Printer configuration – localhost window, select New Printer.

In the left pane, Select Connection and choose Windows Printer via SAMBA.

The SMB Printer configuration in the right pane, should be entered as follows:

       Next to smb://type csglobal/
               stamp is used for the purpose of this example. 
        Select Authentication required: Enter your ENCS username and password. 

Click Verify... (If accessible →Forward)


Click OK, then →Forward.


To obtain the printer specifications, query our printer database using the name of the printer as the parameter. You will need the Model for next step.

Check Select printer from database, choose HP and then click Forward. In this example, we are adding the printer stamp. If you're adding another printer, consult the Printer Database as the model could be different.

From the Models list, select LaserJet 4200. The default Driver that is selected is HP LaserJet 4200 Series Postscript [en] (recommended). Keep this default option. 

Click Forward.

In the New Printer window, you are offered the possibility to configure additional hardware Options. Printers like chalk, nib, marker and stamp, have the duplexing feature, therefore check Duplex Unit and then click →Forward.

Enter the Printer Name, then Apply the information.

The printer is now available from File → Print list.