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ENCS Printing Quota Policy

For Faculty and Staff

Full time employees have unlimited printing. A page count will be kept for each individual user. This is to ensure that Faculty and staff do not run out of quota at any time.

For Part-Time Instructors

Part-time instructors can ask for 500 pages of ENCS Printing Quota per course per semester.

For Students taking a Course

No printing quota is issued to students for courses, neither at the undergraduate, nor graduate level.

For Students doing Research,Visiting Researchers and Post-Doctoral Fellows

It is no longer possible to transfer quota from a Faculty member to a student/Visiting Researcher/Post-Doctoral Fellow.

Color Printing

Only Faculty and Staff can print to AITS-managed color printers. Students needing a color printout must give the document to their professor to print or use the Concordia DPrint Service.