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ENCS mail system: basic configuration

Mail client configuration

ENCS-managed systems are already configured correctly. For user-managed or home systems, please use the values below.

  Within the ENCS network Outside ENCS, for example from home
SMTP server: Use the SMTP server name of your own internet provider. We've provided the links for setting up the SMTP servers for Sympatico and Videotron.
IMAP/S (Secure IMAP) server:
IMAP directory prefix: mail mail

Secure IMAP service

Remote mail access to e-mail is possible using the Secure IMAP protocol (IMAP/S). This allows secure access to mail folders from anywhere on the Internet. Please note that POP and plain IMAP are not supported.

IMAP folders

The default IMAP directory prefix is "mail". This means that any additional IMAP folders you create (that is, folders other than your INBOX) will be stored in a directory called mail/ in your UNIX home directory.

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